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Light And Fight

Fight with light against the dark in this “roguelight”platformer starring Victoria Bloom! Drive back the darkness that's overrun Bloom Manor and conquer swarms of creatures as you discover powerful new items to upgrade your arsenal. Are you ready to enter the ever-changing manor?

Bunch of creepy monsters
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An ever-changing mansion

The layout and contents of Bloom Manor change with every run - the further you progress, the bigger and more deadly your foes.
Powerful new perks await within new areas, but require you to choose a corresponding impediment. How will you balance power and difficulty?

Light and fight

Use your flashlight and slingshot to clear the monsters overrunning Bloom Manor and save Victoria’s beloved Grandad, Victor.
Uncover new items that power up your fight and change the way you play, including new gadgets, weapon modules, and upgrades to grow your arsenal for future runs.

Girl using flashlight
Bug enemy slithering
Multiple bug enemies
Fire burning away at enemies

Confront the dark

Face off against powerful (and gigantic) Guardians and retake Bloom Manor from the darkness by completing quests to unlock the secrets of Victoria’s eccentric family, then use their quirky gadgets and contraptions to cast a guiding light into Victoria’s future.

Full of powerful discoveries

Find new items and combine their effects via tinkering to discover surprising synergies. Will you throw Matches that burn your enemies or finish them off with an Electricity Bulb that chains to multiple monsters? Should you upgrade the flashlight to do more damage or increase its range? What gadget better suits your style: double-jump or slow-time?

a swarm of enemies in darkness a giant spider